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Reaching Papua New Guinea through Bible Translation

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Imagine a country that has so many cultures that the two largest cities are not connected by a single road.  Imagine a country that is one of the richest in the world in terms of natural resources, yet the majority of the people live by growing extra food in their gardens or through crafts.  Imagine a country where a high paying job is less than $3/hour.  Imagine a country with beautiful mountains, friendly people, and over 860 different languages.

You have imagined Papua New Guinea.  The difficulty of infrastructure is not the terrain, it is the multiple cultures that have to be paid for the road to pass through.  If a road is built, the government needs to pay every single cultural group that the road passes through.  The process is extremely complicated.

PNG (Papua New Guinea) has gold, copper, and oil.  The soil and climate in the country allows them to grow almost anything.  Yet, the people do not benefit from all the resources.  Many people grow extra food to sell at market.  Some make bilums (string bags) or carve wood to sell at market.  If a person is seriously ill, they must be flown to Australia for treatment.  HIV/AIDS is a serious problem.  Malaria, typhoid, and other diseases are common.

An unskilled worker in our area who works 40 hours a week mowing yards, or cooking or cleaning for our organization will make about $2/hour plus benefits.  Skilled workers or workers who have been with the organization for a long time may make as much as $7 or $8 per hour plus benefits.

The terrain is diverse.  From beautiful beaches and rugged mountains to swampland and jungles, PNG is a wonderfully exotic place.  The people smile and wave as we pass them.  We greet most of them (Morning, Good Day, api’noon, evening).  Many of the nationals speak at least two languages: Tok Pisin (a trade language) and Tok Ples (which means “how you speak at your place (your home region’s language).

God is at work through Bible translation to transform Papua New Guinea.  Through tok ples education (Literacy), people are learning about diseases.  People are able to better educate themselves and their children.  As people hear the Word of God in their heart language, they understand that Jesus died for their sin.  People want a relationship with God.

Through Bible translation, community development begins to take place.  People begin to advocate for their language groups even as PNG develops.  Cultures are preserved, and education begins in a language that the children understand instead of a “foreign” language.

By partnering with us, you are helping to bring real and permanent change to the people of Papua New Guinea.  God gives you credit for bringing the Bible to all of these people who have never heard God speak their tok ples.  You may not be able to come to PNG, but you can give.  Together, we are making a difference in the lives of Papua New Guineans.

What are we doing?
Peter is the Language Resource Manager.  He manages a large staff of Papua New Guineans and ex-patriots.  He directly support Bible translation in Papua New Guinea by providing and maintaining office spaces for translators, living quarters for national translators, training facilities for courses and workshops, Scripture typesetting, Literacy work, a library, and English Assistance.

Angie has re-started the English Assistance Office and helps in courses where Papua New Guineans benefit from extra help with English.

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Our Branch has three different websites for you to check out and see what else is happening in Papua New Guinea.



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